Time After Time

by Sue Haasler

The story of Cass who 15 years after graduation is still obsessed with her high school sweetheart. What lengths will she go to find him again? If he shows at her high school reunion, will she choose him or her current, comfortable boyfriend?

Darlings, I think you already know the answers. Still, this was a delightful little bit of fluff. I most definitely identified with the heroine. Perhaps a bit too much for my own good.

Haasler writes well, which makes up for the rather neat and cookie-cutter plot lines that occur. And I enjoyed the great number of 80's references and discussions, as well as all the literary allusions. Particularly the ones pertaining to Jane Eyre my favorite overly sentimental romance that I first read nearly ten years ago.

Recommendation for the book: Pick it up from the library and read it by the pool or at the beach, or somewhere else as easily "fluffy." You'll enjoy it even if it doesn't make you discover the secret to life.

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